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Our bestselling Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser Kit for Education & Research. Features 5 modes of operation, incl. CW & Q-switched!

DPSS Laser Kit for Education & Research: LASKIT®-500

pdf Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser Kit: LASKIT®-500 [Detailed Datasheet, PDF]

The LASKIT®-500 is a multipurpose laser source aimed at education, research and testing. In fact, it is the most versatile DPSS laser kit on the market, featuring five modes of operation.

  • Great for Education & Research!
  • Five different laser sources at the price of one!
  • Special discounts for educational and research institutions!


Five Modes of Operation Applications
  • CW @ 1064 nm
  • Q-switched @ 1064 nm
  • Intracavity Frequency Doubled CW @ 532 nm
  • Intracavity Frequency Doubled and Q-Switched @ 532 nm
  • External Frequency Doubling of the Q-Switched 1064 nm
  • Education in Theory & Practice
  • Laser & Optics Research & Testing
  • Laser-Matter Interaction
  • Start-Up for DPSS Laser Development


The following fundamentals of laser theory and practice can be investigated:

  • Stability regions of laser cavity
  • Various transversal cavity modes (TEM00 and higher)
  • Optimum cavity configuration for TEM00 mode
  • Optimum output coupling
  • Laser threshold and differential efficiency
  • Passive Q-switching threshold phenomena, pulse forms, optimization for maximum output power and maximum output energy, shortest pulse conditions
  • Internal frequency doubling in CW-operation
  • External frequency doubling in Q-switched mode
  • Fluorescence lifetime of the active medium
  • Laser dynamics (relaxation oscillations, Q-switching), dependence on active medium parameters; comparison between different active media (Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4)

The LASKIT®-500 includes:

  • Pump laser diode with Peltier cooler and attached pump optics
  • Laser diode driver & thermoelectric controller LDD1-1T (optional: LPS1-2T, microprocessor-controlled)
  • Laser crystal Nd:YAG (Nd:YVO4 optional), with a heat sink
  • Set of two laser cavity mirrors (flat/curved)
  • Cr4+:YAG passive Q-switch, AR/AR coated
  • KTP frequency doubler with special coatings, in a holder
  • Mirror and crystal mounts (3 pieces)
  • Optical bench
  • Diode laser module (670 mm) for aligning the laser cavity, with holder
  • Infrared-to-visible converter (model IR-VIS-15-B), Ø 15 mm, for aligning the IR laser and mode analysis (also suitable for high-power lasers)
  • Ultrafast photo detector (model UPD-300-SP) with rise time <300 ps, spectral range 320 - 1100 nm, external power supply, suitable for observing the relaxation oscillations and pulse duration of the Q-switched mode
  • CCD linear array (model CCD-2000M) with 2048 pixels, high sensitivity, driver electronics and power supply, suitable for laser beam analysis, M² measurements, autocorrelators, etc.

The laser crystal, the passive Q-switch and the KTP-doubler are mounted in special holders for fast and easy exchange, alignment and handling. Switching from one mode of operation to another (e.g. from CW to Q-switched, or from IR to frequency doubling) can be done in a minute.


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