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Our Products in Use

These are some examples of real-world applications of our products.

The list is by far not exhaustive. Please contact us if you need more information where customers use our products.


PICOPOWER™-LD Laser: "Picosecond supercontinuum light source ..."
Tunable Waveplates: Steric Effects in the Chemisorption of Vibrationally Excited Methane on Ni(100)
Tunable Dual-Wave Plates: "Broadband terahertz wave remote sensing using coherent manipulation..."
Ultrafast Photodetectors UPD: "Use of ruthenium dyes for subnanosecond detector fidelity testing"
PULSELAS®-P Laser Pumps Low-Threshold Miniature Ce:LiCAF Lasers
Tunable Waveplates: "Alignment Control of a Columnar Liquid Crystal"
Ultrafast Photodetectors UPD: "Laser Ignition of an IC Test Engine using an Nd: YAG Laser"
Tunable Waveplates: "Vibrational Sum Frequency Spectroscopy Studies at the Air-Liquid Interface"
CW Single Frequency Lasers: "Photobleaching kinetics, photoproduct formation, and dose estimation"
CW Single Frequency DPSS Lasers: "Photodynamic therapy of MLL cells in vitro"
Ultrafast Photodetectors UPD: "Systematische Untersuchung von Instabilitäten an Ionen"
Polarizers: "Pump-Probe Spectroscopy of Cycloheptatriene"
CW Single Frequency DPSS Lasers: "mTHPC Photodynamic Therapy of MLL Cells"
PULSELAS®-P Laser: "Fiber-Optic Laser Prodder for Mine Detection and Verification"
Ultrafast Photodetectors UPD: "Testing Lorentz symmetry of special relativity"
Tunable Waveplates: "Femtosekunden Photolyse von Diiodmethan in überkritischen Fluiden"
High-Voltage Switches HVS: "Capturing a light pulse in a short high-finesse cavity"
PULSELAS®-P Laser: "Polymer laser fabricated by a simple micromolding process"
PULSELAS®-P Laser: "Semiconducting polymer laser pumped by a microchip laser"
Tunable Waveplates: "Table-top KrF amplifier"
CCD Array: "Diffraction-based assay for detecting multiple analytes"
Polarizers: "Magnetooptische Untersuchungen der Flussdynamik in YBCO-Filmen"
PULSELAS®-P Laser: "A microchip-laser-pumped DFB-polymer-dye laser"

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