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Our customers are from all over the world and include

  • Industrial Companies - from all branches and from small businesses to large enterprises
  • Universities & Academic Institutions
  • Research Institutions
  • Government Institutions

Although our customers are so different, they all appreciate our innovative and unique products and solutions. Products with parameters that cannot be found anywhere else on the market, 30 years of experience and know-how, custom design, contract research and development are our mostly sought-after strengths.

Academic Institutions

ALPHALAS is well aware of the importance of research in the field of lasers and is therefore involved in the development of new solutions and technologies. Universities and academic institutions have always belonged to our most important customers (see list of academic customers on the left). Additionally to our competitive prices generous discounts are granted to such institutions.


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Research & Academia

Universities, research & academic institutions belong to our most important customers. We offer many products (also customer-specific) to meet your special needs. Contact us now for more information & special discounts!
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