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Digital Laser Diode Driver and Dual TEC Controller: LPS1-2T Series Print

Laser Diode Driver and Dual TEC Controller: LPS1-2T Series

pdf Laser Diode Driver & Dual TEC Controller: LPS1-2T Series (Very Compact, Microprocessor-Controlled) [Detailed Datasheet, PDF]

The LPS1-2T is a very compact microprocessor-controlled laser diode driver with dual temperature controller. It offers many advanced and unique features at a very competitive price.

The device can drive up to three infrared laser diodes in series or one blue laser diode. Different models of the LPS1-2T are available, depending on the maximum laser diode current. All devices feature constant current as well as constant power modes. Current limits, voltage limits and a soft-start delay can be set. A safety interlock is also implemented.

The LPS1-2T is very easy to use. All parameters can be programmed through the symbolic self-explanatory controls. The two-line matrix display shows set values and actual values at the same time. ALPHALAS has implemented a novel switch-mode topology to achieve high efficiency, low thermal dissipation and a very compact design.

A unique combination of analog and digital control guarantees very low current noise and high reliability.

Laser Diode Current:
LPS1-2T-L : max. 2.5 A
LPS1-2T-E : max. 4.0 A
LPS1-2T-HP : max. 8.0 A

TEC Controllers:
Two Controllers, 4 A, 8 V each

Current Noise, rms:
60 µA

Please refer to the detailed datasheet (see above) for more information.


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