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Ultrafast Photodetectors --- NEW MODELS ---

Ultrafast Photodetector Our bestselling Ultrafast Photodetectors. Rise times starting from 15 ps! Spectral ranges from 170 to 2600 nm! From stock at competitive prices. Special discounts for research & academia!

Q-Switched DPSS Lasers

Subnanosecond Passively Q-Switched DPSS MICROCHIP Laser

Our PULSELAS®-P lasers are the most powerful subnanosecond Q-switched DPSS lasers commercially available. They are based on an extremely compact microchip design and feature unsurpassed mechanical stability.

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New diode-pumped frequency-doubled green CW lasers from the MONOPOWER™ series

ALPHALAS GmbH (Goettingen, Germany) offers diode-pumped frequency-doubled green CW lasers from its MONOPOWER™ series. The MONOPOWER-532-100-SM lasers are designed for single-frequency operation and deliver low-noise (below 0.2%) coherent radiation at 532 nm which is extremely stable. The coherence length is over 300 m. The output power can be adjusted from 10 mW up to 100 mW. The high-quality TEM00 beam features M² <1.1.

To fulfil demanding customer requests the lasers are offered in two versions. The “stand-alone” version provides autonomous operation and already has an integrated heat sink. The “cool-through base plate” version represents a very compact construction and the customer is free to design the heat dissipation according to his specific requirements.

The main applications of the MONOPOWER-532-100-SM lasers include laser interference measurements, Raman spectroscopy, holography, nonlinear optics, laser microscopy, etc.

The lasers are available from stock or with short delivery times ex works Goettingen respectively.


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