Laser Diode and TEC (Peltier) Drivers, TEC Modules

We offer you a wide variety of advanced Laser Diode Drivers & TEC Controllers:

  • Wide Laser Diode Current Ranges from mA to >100 A
  • CW & Pulsed Modes
  • High-Precision TEC/Peltier Drivers (Power: 1 - 500 W, up to 0.001 °C)
  • Analog & Digital Models
  • Including Customer-Specific & OEM for Integration in Your Products
  • Advanced Protective Features (incl. Limits, Alarms, Soft Start, etc.)

We also offer TEC/Peltier Modules from stock!

Please contact us for your specific requirements.

Laser Diode & TEC (Peltier) Drivers, TEC Modules

pdf Laser Diode & TEC (Peltier) Drivers, TEC Modules [Detailed Datasheet, PDF]

A wide range of laser diode drivers and TEC (Peltier) module controllers provides laser diode and TEC currents from milliamperes to hundreds of amperes in CW and/or pulsed modes. Laboratory, OEM, and industrial versions satisfy the most demanding requirements and can drive almost any commercial laser diode and TEC module. Custom-specific solutions for pulsed operation with currents over 500 A and pulse durations in the nanosecond and picosecond range are also available.

The laser diode and TEC module drivers have all protective features for reliable and safe operation, including soft start, true current-source operation, overtemperature and undertemperature limits, current limits, temperature sensor fault alarm, laser diode loop check, etc.

Fiber-coupled laser diodes with output power up to 45 W CW and 80 W pulsed, integrated in the laser drivers are also available and provide a compact and efficient air-cooled solution for solid-state laser pumping, material processing and scientific applications.