Analog Linear CCD Arrays: CCD Series

NEW: We also offer digital linear CCD arrays with USB interface and LabVIEW drivers. Please refer to the corresponding product page.

CCD Linear Arrays: CCD Series

pdf CCD Linear Arrays: CCD Series [Detailed Datasheet, PDF]

The advanced high-sensitivity CCD arrays come complete with driving electronics, compact plug&play design and can be connected directly to an oscilloscope or to a computer using a suitable A/D-converter.

The CCD-2000M has 2048 pixels with a pixel height of 200 µm in order to achieve high sensitivity. The covered spectral range is from 320 to 1100 nm (190 to 1100 nm with UV-option). The numerous applications include beam profile measurements and M² measurements, single shot autocorrelators, spectroscopy, etc. This is a cost-effective solution for light-measurement applications..


 Features  Applications
  • High Sensitivity
  • Spectral Range: 250 - 1100 nm, 190 - 1100 with UV Option
  • 2048 Pixels
  • Plug & Play: Ready to Use
  • Complete with Driving Electronics
  • Compact Design
  • Can Be Connected to Oscilloscope or Computer (via suitable A/D Converter)
  • Cost-Effective Solution for Light-Measurements
  • Beam Profile Measurements
  • M² Measurements
  • Single Shot Autocorrelators
  • Spectroscopy