High-Voltage Switches and Nanosecond Generators

High-Voltage High-Speed Switches: HVS Series

High-Voltage High-Speed Switches: HVS Series

pdf High-Voltage High-Speed Switches: HVS Series [Detailed Datasheet, PDF]

The high-voltage, high-speed solid-state switches are designed for applications in Pockels cell drivers, nanosecond pulse generators, laser diode drivers etc.

Recent developments in semiconductor technology made it possible to have the advantages of both krytrons (wide voltage range of operation) and avalanche transistor circuits (high speed and short delay time). The new all-solid-state switches are superior in performance to both krytrons and avalanche circuits. They are used in our Pockels Cell Drivers and Laser Diode Drivers.

As separate components, they are offered at very competitive prices. We offer two types of switches: the low-cost Model HVS-XXX-F with a voltage variable +/-15% of the specified value, as well as switches with wide-range variation of the applied voltage (Model HVS-XXX-V).