Picosecond Pulse Diode Lasers with Driver: PICOPOWER™-LD Series
Picosecond Pulse Diode Lasers with Driver: PICOPOWER™-LD Series

The ALPHALAS PICOPOWER™-LD Series of Picosecond Pulse Diode Lasers with Driver are generating short laser pulses with wavelengths ranging from 375 nm to 1550 nm as well as custom-specific wavelengths. Our picosecond pulse diode lasers deliver pulse durations below 40 ps and peak powers can exceed 3 W. Repetition rates range from single shot up to 80 MHz.

The following standard wavelengths are available:

375, 405, 450, 488, 635, 670, 785, 976, 1030, 1064, 1300, 1550 nm

pdf Picosecond Pulse Diode Lasers with Driver: PICOPOWER™-LD Series [Detailed Datasheet, PDF]

 Features  Applications
  • Laser pulses shorter than 40 ps
  • Up to 3 W peak power for specific wavelengths
  • Proprietary high-frequency design for the shortest & highest peak power laser diode pulses available on the market
  • Collimated output with spatial filtering
  • Exchangeable laser heads with different wavelengths for greatest flexibility
  • Proprietary laser diode driver generating picosecond high-current pulses
  • Built-in Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) frequency generator for repetition rate adjustment up to 20 MHz with steps of 0.1 Hz (optional 40 MHz & 80 MHz)
  • External TTL trigger capability and synchronized TTL output
  • Optional fiber coupling
  • Fluorescence lifetime measurements
  • Pump-probe experiments
  • Photodetectors & optoelectronics time response measurements
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR)
  • Seeding of fiber lasers
  • Optical tomography
  • 3D imaging


3D Imaging Application Example 

A very interesting 3D imaging application using our PICOPOWER-LD™ picosecond diode laser has been published by Stanford University. For more information please refer to the Stanford Computational Imaging Lab website  and this article published in Nature .

Here is also a video published on Stanford Computational Imaging Lab's Youtube channel: