Fibre-Coupled Laser Diodes with Drivers and TECs: LDF Series

Fibre-Coupled Laser Diodes with Drivers & TECs: LDF Series

pdf Fibre-Coupled Laser Diodes with Drivers & TECs: LDF Series [Detailed Datasheet, PDF]

Fiber-coupled laser diodes with output power up to 45 W CW and 80 W pulsed, integrated in our laser drivers provide a compact and efficient air-cooled solution for solid-state laser pumping, material processing and scientific applications. The drivers have all protective features for reliable and safe operation, including soft start, true current-source operation, overtemperature and undertemperature limits, current limits, temperature sensor fault alarm, laser diode loop check, etc.

Due to newest electronic design and production technology ALPHALAS provides the most compact solution for a ready-to-use fiber-coupled laser diode worldwide, combined with the most universal laser diode driver. The option with built-in frequency generator expands the capabilities for pulsed mode of operation. Thus, the laser diode can be operated in CW, pulsed, or combined CW/pulsed mode (biasing). The back-lighted liquid-crystal display monitors numerous important parameters as laser diode current, TEC module current and current limit, measured and set LD temperature, and temperature limit.

Higher output powers from fiber-coupled laser diodes are also available, as well as custom designs.

  • Pumping Solid State Lasers
  • Material Processing
  • Medicine