NEW: High-Energy Picosecond Laser

High-Energy Picosecond LaserThe PICOPOWER™- RG1-1064-10K  picosecond laser delivers ultra-short pulses with high energy, high peak and average power at 1064 nm wavelength with variable repetition rates from single shot to 10 kHz. It features a unique synchronization capability with unsurpassed 3.5 ps jitter for pulses on demand. Optional wavelengths at 532 nm, 355 nm and 266 nm are available collinearly or as multiple output beams. The distinctive features of this laser are pulse-on-demand triggering and peak power of more than 2 MW with less than 30 W electrical power consumption. It is an ideal choice for numerous applications like nonlinear optics, ultrafast spectroscopy, time-resolved fluorescence and many others.