Advanced Digital CCD Line Camera with USB 2.0 and LabVIEW Drivers: CCD-S3600-D(-UV)

Advanced Digital CCD Line Camera with USB 2.0 and LabVIEW Drivers: CCD-S3600-D(-UV)


pdf DATASHEET for ALPHALAS Advanced Digital CCD Line Camera: CCD-S3600-D(-UV) [PDF]

pdf MANUAL for ALPHALAS Advanced Digital CCD Line Camera: CCD-S3600-D(-UV) [PDF]

pdf Pulsed Laser Application Example for ALPHALAS CCD-S3600-D(-UV) [PDF]

Highlights of the advanced digital high-speed CCD line camera CCD-S3600-D(-UV):

  • Best-in-class device available on the market
  • High-sensitivity linear CCD sensor array with 3648 pixels
  • 16-bit ADC
  • 32 MB DDR2 onboard RAM
  • USB 2.0 Plug & Play
  • Trigger input & output
  • High frame rates with no missing frames
  • Unique data streaming mode
  • UV (ultra-violet) option
  • Easy to use with fully software-programmable parameters
  • State-of-the-art FPGA-driven hardware with many unique features that you will not find on any other device
  • Very compact & USB-powered (no external power supply required)
  • Supports Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista/XP (WHQL certified drivers),
    Linux , Mac OS X & Other OS
  • Includes drivers & applications for National Instruments LabVIEW & C++

Compatible with latest Windows and latest LabVIEW.

Please download the complete datasheet & operating manual PDF (see above) for detailed description, specifications and mechanical drawing.


ACQUSITION & VIEWER SOFTWARE for Windows is included for FREE! No LabVIEW license required to run the software.

Acquisition Mode:

  • Easily control the CCD camera and all settings: operating modes (incl. all trigger modes), integration times, frames per acquisition, HW dark correction, trig out in advance
  • Easily acquire CCD data: continuous acquisition mode & single acquisition mode
  • Easily save CCD data: average of all frames + all individual frames, all acquisition parameters and device settings are also saved in the versatile text file format for easy access from any other software (e.g. Microsoft Excel, text editors, mathematical software, etc.)

Viewer Mode:

  • Easily load & view saved data
  • View average & individual frames from any acquisition; saved acquisition parameters are also displayed

Tools Included in the Software:

  • Zoom & panning, cursors (free & snapping)
  • Direct export of acquired data as image files, to clipboard or to Microsoft Excel

Very Easy Installation:

It is extremely easy to install and use our device in any version of Windows:
1. Plug the CCD device into the USB port

Windows will automatically recognize and install the correct certified USB driver. There is no need for manual USB driver installations.

2. Install the desired software

Standalone Acquisition & Viewer Software
No LabVIEW license required.

For LabVIEW developers
The device includes free LabVIEW drivers & applications compatible with ALL versions of LabVIEW since v8.6. If you are a LabVIEW developer simply copy the contents of the included LabVIEW drivers & applications folder (from your product CD) into your LabVIEW's instr.lib folder. Launch LabVIEW, open the included LabVIEW project and enjoy all ready to use applications or modify them as required to suit your needs.

Overview of the CCD-S3600-D(-UV):

The CCD-S3600-D(-UV) is a complete and ready to use high-speed digital CCD line scan camera. The device includes many advanced and unique features. At the same time it is easy to use, very compact, lightweight and does not require an external power supply.

The high-sensitivity linear CCD sensor array contains 3648 active pixels and covers a wide spectral range. The sensor is controlled by complex FPGA-based state-of-the-art hardware. Other high-end components like 16-bit ADC, 32 MB DDR2 RAM & USB 2.0 assure high precision, large data storage & high speed. Highlights include high frame rates with no missing frames, precise control over parameters (e.g. integration), trigger in & out, multiple operating modes and a unique data streaming mode.

The CCD-S3600-D(-UV) is suitable for novice users who need to simply acquire light intensity data as well as advanced users and experts who want to "squeeze out" each of the advanced capabilities of the device.

The CCD camera supports all major OS and can be interfaced from many programming languages, allowing unlimited post-processing possibilities.  Constantly updated USB drivers, interfacing libraries and well-commented applications for LabVIEW and C++ are included free of charge.

The CCD line camera represents an ideal cost-effective solution for numerous applications in science, research, education and OEM.

  • High-sensitivity linear CCD sensor array with 3648 active pixels (8 x 200 µm each), high optical resolution & wide dynamic range
  • Wide spectral range: 320 - 1100 nm, 200 - 1100 with UV Option
  • Precise 16-bit high-speed ADC (65536 intensity levels per pixel)
  • Plug & play, full software control
  • Integration time can be set from 10 µs - 1 min in precise 1 µs steps
  • High frame rates up to 269.5 fps
  • Onboard data storage mode & unique direct data streaming mode: Capture an unlimited number of subsequent frames with no missing frames at the highest frame rate (the only constraint is your storage device)
  • Large 32 MB high-speed DDR2 RAM for onboard data storage of 4599 frames & data buffering
  • High-speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s)
  • State-of-the-art FPGA HW controller & high-speed electronics
  • Trigger input & output for synchronization from & to external devices
  • Multiple operating modes & multiple trigger modes
  • Hardware dark correction
  • USB-powered, no external supply required, very compact design
  • Supported by many programming languages & development platforms for unlimited post-processing possibilities
  • Multi-OS support: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. (32 & 64 bit)
  • Free & ready-to-use FTDI USB drivers & libraries, LabVIEW drivers (for version 8.6 and later), GUI applications & C++ examples, all available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Future OS support will be added. As soon as FTDI releases new drivers they can be immediately downloaded from FTDI free of charge and can be used for the device. Unlike other companies, ALPHALAS does not customize FTDI's VID and PID and therefore the device can directly use the original constantly updated drivers as soon as they are released. This is also ideal for OEM applications.


  • Ideal for science, research, education as well as OEM applications
  • Ideal for mobile / notebook / laptop as well as desktop use
  • Physics, chemistry, biology, biomedicine, medicine (but not for use on human beings)
  • Lasers, optics, photonics, spectroscopy
  • Measurements: light, fluorescence, M², beam profile, single-shot autocorrelators
  • Imaging (1-D or 2-D by parallel moving), data acquisition, machine vision, monitoring, process control, industrial OEM applications

Application Example: Record of the Time Evolution of a Fabry-Perot Interference Pattern of a Single-Frequency Pulsed Laser (visualized in a LabVIEW 3D-Plot). Please find the full application example in the PDF documents listed above.

The CCD Line Camera: Collecting Light & Data Flow:

Included Software:


Multiple fully-functional LabVIEW GUI application VIs with well-commented block diagrams, front panels and context help are included free of charge.


Modern project-style, plug & play LabVIEW drivers are included free of charge. They are very easy to use and automatically recognize the connected CCD device and use the correct device properties during operation. The drivers have been developed according to the National Instruments driver guidelines.


C++ examples with well-commented source code are included free of charge. A Microsoft Visual C++ project for Windows (also compatible with VC++ Express) as well as GCC C++ files for Linux, Mac OS X, etc. are demonstarting cross-platform access to the CCD line camera through a simple console application. Device interfacing from other programming languages is also possible.

FREE wireless monitoring of CCD data on your iPad:


We have created a CCD-S3600-D(-UV) data dashboard compatible with the National Instruments Data Dashboard 2.0 for LabVIEW iPad app. The dashboard can be used to additionally monitor raw or processed CCD data (as acquired and processed in LabVIEW) on a remote iPad tablet (requires iOS 5 or higher). We have included the dashboard for FREE with our CCD-S3600-D and CCD-S3600-D-UV line scan cameras. The dashboard app can be downloaded for FREE directly from Apple's App Store.

The user may modify and adapt all included LabVIEW applications and examples as well as the included dashboard to suit his needs.

LabVIEW is a trademark of National Instruments Corporation. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. Please note: Apple's iPad and National Instruments LabVIEW are not included with our CCD cameras.